Farbrausch V2 editor problem.

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Farbrausch V2 editor problem.

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Hi there. I've got this little, yet quite troublesome problem with V2 editor. I cannot get it to open up. Tried double-click on the machine and 'open editor' line from the contects menu with no avail. When I select properties, they do open, so atleast I can change the preset, but all the tweaking whatsoever is imposible. I am running latest buzz 1494 and last release of V2 from buzzmachines. Before update I had buzz 1466 with same V2 (in theory, for that one came from the 'big pack') and it just crashed on loading of machine. Now atleast it doesn't crash, so it's some progress I guess. Still, I remember I used to love this machine few years ago and wanted to try it again. All help will be appreciated greatly :) Thanks in advance :)

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Re: Farbrausch V2 editor problem.

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There is a topic about this.
I think only the vst version works with editor in recent buzz version.

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