Hyper Sonic 2 Issue.

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Hyper Sonic 2 Issue.

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Hey guys wish you all a merry xmas.

Recently I’ve been having some difficulties with some of the plugins I use in buzz especially Hyper Sonic 2. There is this annoying 50hz / 60hz noise that has been added to all of it’s sound-bank. When I use it on stand alone mode none of the sounds has that annoying noise but when used in buzz it comes up and I have to add a gate to somehow roll it off. I have reinstalled, buzz, hyper sonic and polac vst.

I’m on
Buzz build 1474
Polac the latest version
The drivers I use mostly are Polac MME and Polac Asio (but none of the drivers make any difference)
Sound card: M-audio Delta 10/10LT

I would appreciate your comments regarding the issue.
Thanks a lot.

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