the new more machines system

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the new more machines system

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Hi folks,

Long time user, still coming back to Buzz now and again, used to be active on the old forums and experimental-music-with-buzz mailing list, but haven't been participating in the community for a very long time now.

Anyways, here is why i'm creating this thread:
I noticed on a clean buzz install of the latest version that there was this new feature to get machines automatically on the more machines tab. That's great, copy pasting folders and config files seems a bit silly in 2017. But after snooping around i noticed that using that download button doesn't seem to install _all_ buzz machines, and on some cases it installs old versions, not the ones as seen on TV, aka since buzzmachines went down. It seems even has an API to list the machines though. So what's the deal on that? Just Oskari using his own database and not updating the build to take advantage of yet? Where does MDB actually come from?! I figured it was from but it's still working even though went dead. So if it's not from, where from? And why isn't it being updated? :(

Meanwhile where is the best place to place new or updated machines?! In the old days there was only one Gear folder and you had to edit a config file if you wanted things in menus. Nowdays i don't know if i should be placing things on C:\Program Files (x86)\Jeskola\Buzz\Gear\ or C:\Users\User Name\Documents\Buzz\MDB\Gear and the wiki is somehow outdated, mentions the download button but not where the machines come from or where you should place extra curricular machines for clean usage... Kind of wish there was a 3rd directory to place machines installed manually, am worried that if i start placing things around that in a few months i'll be trying to load a track on another machine with a clean buzz install and it will complain of missing machines so i'm sticking with the default download more machines for now, but still wanted to know what's the best practice nowdays.

Any insights? Thanks in advance for your time :)

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