Buzz - Best Software in History

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Buzz - Best Software in History

Post by onecircles »

I have been looking through some of my old files, and I realized that I have been working on my default buzz setup, my template BMX that I work from for more than 3 years now! And it just keeps getting better!

I am really closing in on my goal with this software at this point.

I got stuck for a few years in my creativity, because I was always starting my BMX from scratch. I made some cool Ideas, but I've always had a very specific idea of what I wanted to do with buzz.

I am just blown away with buzz and with the huge library of plugins. What people don't understand is that it is a modular daw that you create! Brilliant!

Some important things I learned along the way.

Do effects in paralell and mix them.
Subdivide the beat into 12.
Don't slam into the final mix for distortion. Slam into a limiter.
Use bome midi translator to control buzz with your midi controller.
If you know all the keyboard shortcuts, you can get the most out of your workflow in buzz.
Sequence view is better than the one build into the pattern editor.
If you want to run your computer into a guitar amp you need a DI box.
Midi loops can be hilarious.
196 khz isn't worth it, but 96khz is.
Keep your signal chains separate to best take advantage of multi-threading.
Subpatterns are amazing.
with one mt-nada do-nothing you can aggregate any note controls or parameters you want into a single pattern editor.
musicians should be careful with their hands.
keep your data in more than one place.
Some electronic devices have souls.
Everyone who does buzz is a genius.
With the right plugin, buzz can do anything, thanks to an army of volunteer developers (thank you!).

buzz 4 ever

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Re: Buzz - Best Software in History

Post by synthphase »

Haha. Sometimes when I have a good session with Buzz and I feel like posting something like this. Also some helpful tips there.

I wonder why you say the old pattern editor is better though. It's made it way easier to visualize different time-signatures for me (ctrl+t). In fact, the only time I go to the old pattern editor is when I have to fix some messed up timing because I've divided two patterns in some way that I have to move everything forwards or backwards by less then 4 ticks. The only thing I miss about the old editor is the screen real-estate, but careful patternxp setup can minimize that too.

There is one other thing that I think about sometimes that I doubt you were referring to when you wrote that. Synesthesia. Like the vibe of a part might not match it's color and I think it can throw me off subconsciously.

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Re: Buzz - Best Software in History

Post by yuya »

no other software gives you more freedom to design sounds and beats than buzz. now we know we dont need fancy interface to moderate and mix sounds. there are really awesome plugins. i love buzz.

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Re: Buzz - Best Software in History

Post by onecircles »

Oh, you know, you're right about pattern colors. That really is a better feature of the newer pattern editor. I have a lot of tracks and if I could color code it, it would be a lot more readable.

I use the old pattern editor as you describe, because I can't get my patterns to line up properly anymore. If I set step to 96 it lets me write song structure very quickly with a single key press. The way I have buzz set up 1 measure is 48 steps. Each beat is 12 steps. This causes the the BPM to read inaccurately from what is actually being played. But this allows me to freely mix triplet and eighth note feel. Before I did this, when I recorded parts in live, they would not come out accurate to what I played, but now it's spot on every time. Took some time getting used to 4 steps being a triplet and 3 steps being an eighth, but it's so cool that buzz let me do this weird thing.

Are you on slack? I'm thinking maybe some active buzzers should get a slack going and keep the buzz lifestyle alive. Namazzte brother, keep on buzzin.

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Re: Buzz - Best Software in History

Post by szaszhareen »

it always blows me away when people use tick timing for anything but 4/8/16. post some examples? :dance:

idk if there is a buzz slack but the efnet #buzz channel has been going for a while. there are some crazy bastards on there who rarely come on the forum. it's pretty quiet but occasionally there are bursts of wierdness.

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