super dub house wicked jah

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super dub house wicked jah

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after years of sweat and study I've finally managed to complete a track using buzz. it's pretty funny to see how far i've come since releasing "handheld dick" on buzzchurch in 2007. I've no idea if that track is still out there anywhere, but i remember that it was pretty rough. there's still things i'd like to do to this one, but at some point you have to decide to move on or you'll never get anything else done.


let me know what you think, feel free to remix! :D

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hd gen staition ultra 6 lite beta
fsm infector
arguelles guru4
btdsys peerchord
bigyo parametric eq
fuzzpilz unwieldy delay
joachims tethys
fuzzpilz unwieldy tracker 2
automaton compressor
jeskola gain
jeskola ninja delay
matilde tracker
mt sidechain
oomek masterizer
dblue glitch
dedacode slicer
ld auxsend
ld auxreturn
btdsys peerstate
jeskola delay
larsha funkyverb

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