How to do legato in Buzz?

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How to do legato in Buzz?

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Hey guys,

At first: I'm from Germany, so please excuse my bad english.

Furthermore I'm new in Buzz and I'm working in the pattern editor at the moment. Today I tried to use a legato (I think you also call it "slur" in english) between two notes, but I didn't found a solution. So can someone give me a hint how I can do a legato in Buzz?


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Re: How to do legato in Buzz?

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I think you have to use synths in mono mode with a portamento option, for example try Qsamo, set it in monophonic, and you can play nice legato, don't forget to insert a note off (key &/1) to retrig.
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Re: How to do legato in Buzz?

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Some synths (a lot of VSTs) also support MIDI pitch bend, which can achieve the same effect.

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