Compressing a sample-heavy module

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Compressing a sample-heavy module

Post by Jay200MPH »

What format does Buzz use internally for samples? I have a large~ish module with a lot of samps that I want to upload to Buzztunes. All the samps are 16-bit, 44100 Hz mono WAV. I tried converting them to MP3 but the reduction in filesize (22 MB -> 15 MB) was not really proportional to the drastic (1/7~1/8) reduction in sample size.

Is Buzz uncompressing my MP3 samples and saving them as slightly lower bitrate WAV files then? I got better results by resampling my WAVs to 22050 Hz (22 MB -> 7 MB), and I *almost* can't hear the difference as they are mostly bassy things like 303 notes.

(Edit: it's this song. Uploaded w/LQ samps but I don't think they were too detrimental.)

What's generally the best way to go about this?

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Re: Compressing a sample-heavy module

Post by vacuum »

Buzz (also the oct 2000 old buzz.exe) always does a bit of lossless compression to the wav when you save, afaik.
If I remember correctly, Oskari made this compression himself.
Sometimes some of those 16 bit 22050 Hz samples may sound better when they are 8 bit and 44100 Hz.
The lowest filesize you will probably get by asking people to load the mp3's into the wavetable themselves.

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