AMD or Intel

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Re: AMD or Intel

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the drawing is pretty accurate i think, except that i think win11 only will assign p cores to an app that doesn't specifically ask for something else and use the e-cores for OS level tasks. i could be wrong, but this would avoid most issues with software that's not specifically geared to exploit both.
you can also manually choose which cores buzz uses in preferences / engine, it would be interesting to see what happens if you do that, do the e cores even show up there?

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Re: AMD or Intel

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thanx temporalsounds and UNZ for links and explanaitions. :)

OK, you could use BUZZ with W11. Hmm, actually my plan was to change OS at the end of support in 2025. But if I buy a new PC I have to change perhaps to W11 earlier. I wait defiitily for Ryzen7000 and DDR5 this year and the some price drop. We'll see... how far carrys may old PC...

Yes, would be nice to hear here from a user who uses BUZZ on AlderLake and how the cores behave.

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