MC-202 <-> tracker time conversion chart

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MC-202 <-> tracker time conversion chart

Post by Jay200MPH »

Posting this up incase it's useful to anyone else: I made a chart that correlates note lengths as entered on the MC-202 sequencer with rows on a tracker. It was only supposed to be a rough guide for myself but during a bored long weekend I went into full doodle mode and this is what happened.

Boring black-on-white version for printing (A5 size)

Done entirely in erasable ball-point pen on graph paper, so it's warm & gritty & analog, hah. Row numbers on the left (1-16) are assumed to be 16th notes.

I've been playing around with the MC-202 sequencer a lot - it's notoriously described as 'too complicated' or 'too intense' to use but I don't find that at all. If you can program a 606 or a x0xb0x you can program this thing, it's actually pretty straightforward. Mine has a pretty common CV/Gate input mod done but you can't put 303-style porta & accents on notes that way so I don't use it much.

I managed to get it to sync to a PC by synthesizing the tape signal and playing that through an audio out, no MIDI-DIN sync converter needed. I have it working in Schism Tracker but the same method will work just fine with Buzz. Still a few bugs to be worked out but I'll post more on that little project soon. :)

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Re: MC-202 <-> tracker time conversion chart

Post by mcbpete »

Pwetty - I love it !

ps Didn't realised other countries wrote 1s as those 'fallen over 7s', I thought it was just in France !

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