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Post by boombaxx »

Looks like is totally broken :ugeek:

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Re: down?

Post by Evelon »

Yes, it obviously is.
I can't even recall when I visited last. I remember it as a very lively place. Ah, memories.

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Re: down?

Post by szaszhareen »

you can still download machines, but there does seem to be a lot of broken-ness about it. it's a pretty gargantuan site, it couldnt imagine the amount of effort needed to bring it back to it's original glory. people apparently still use the message board though, just not very often.

protip: if you're searching for a machine, search for the dev, not the name of the machine.

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Re: down?

Post by deusdiabolus »

Also looks like the spammers were attacking again. :evil:

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