Windows 7/audio professionals: MIDI works on x64 apps only?

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Windows 7/audio professionals: MIDI works on x64 apps only?

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I've been having this issue for 2 years, but tend to forget about it because I rarely use x86 applications. Just recently, I would really like to, including with Buzz, and I have realized that all of my problems aren't in one application alone as I initially thought, which at the time was Buzz x86. I had found that my MIDI does not work with ANY x86 program. Reaper x86, Synthesia, MIDIOX, Buzz x86 ... anything x86 related just gives me an error.

I should also mention that if an x86 VST is opened in a x64 bit program, there are no issues.

Now, I'm running Windows 7 x64, and have a Clavinova CVP 98 hooked up to a Liquid Saffire 56. Its hardly a low end set up, and should be perfectly capable of sending MIDI messages (as it does just fine in x64 programs). I'm almost certain MIDI has worked in x86 applications in the past. I'm thinking there is a file somewhere that is corrupt or had accidentally been deleted. Maybe.

If anyone can help me to figure this out, I would be ecstatic. The last thing I want to do is reinstall Windows, by the way. I don't think I'll end up doing that even if that's the only solution. Its a menace, but not that big of a deal to go through the process of sorting and moving 5 years worth of files and set up configurations.

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Re: Windows 7/audio professionals: MIDI works on x64 apps on

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it's hard to say exactly what might cause this in so many programs, it's quite a dilemma. if we start with x86 buzz, what sound driver are you using? i don't have a saffire, but when i use my audio interface i have to switch to polac asio drivers to be able to send and receive midi messages from external devices.

it sounds like a driver issue, but could be something more obscure. hopefully not.

if you decide to reinstall windows in hopes of fixing the problem, and you have another hard drive to back up on, i've found allwaysync to be an easy solution for restoring everything once you have the OS reinstalled. it takes a few hours but is faster and easier (and less buggy) than, say, windows backup.

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Re: Windows 7/audio professionals: MIDI works on x64 apps on

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since you say its multiple applications i'm not going to bother mentioning going over your buzz midi filtering settings.

- do you have a 64bit application in the middle of everything for midi filtering/routing? ... if so, that's likely your problem.

- not familiar with the saphire mixer. is there a setting hidden in there somewhere for exclusive mode? if so turn it off.

if neither of the above, take a screen shot of your midi config window and your audio config window within buzz showing the selected drivers and their settings then post it here.

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