Omnitronic Key-288

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Omnitronic Key-288

Post by Willy » ... B008RV1V1G

Does this thing work with Buzz? Will I be able to assign some parameters of various machines to this controller and move the faders for some LFO magic?

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Re: Omnitronic Key-288

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I see no reason why not.

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Re: Omnitronic Key-288


Well, it works.
I got one, but mine is called Miditech Garagekey Groove. And it seems both Omnitronic and Miditech are same as WORLDE PANDA MINI... :roll:

The editor software in all three is also identical.

The problem is that the editor software won't work (at least not in my computer). It won't communicate. So I cannot change the pad behaviour, midi channel etc. All 4 banks have same configuration by default.

Also the usb port was poorly attached to circuit board and detached. Had to solder it back...

So my suggestion is to buy a better one, like Akai.

Btw. found this interesting topic the other day: ... 47&start=0

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Re: Omnitronic Key-288

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My experience with Omnitronic: cheap and useless crap. Get something better.

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