Wrapping for Unwieldy Tracker offset commands

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Wrapping for Unwieldy Tracker offset commands

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Would it be difficult for some cool dev or script-kiddy like me to add some kind of wrapping to Unwieldy Tracker's 66 and 67 commands?

These commands are GREAT and I'll tell you why!

Have a long sample cut to the beginning of the beat and know it's in the tempo of your song? Jump to a later tick with 66! Jump back with 67!

These commands are so much more useful than offset commands. Why?

If you don't know if your sample loops perfectly but is in the BPM time, you can jump an exact number of ticks and the result will still be on a beat, whereas the offset command will only be on a beat if the loop and meter of the loop is perfect.

66 and 67 are also very useful for a live recording if you want to isolate a section and don't want to pause buzz and whip out an external editor.

The only issue is that when you jump over the end of the wave file you get silence. I'm a script kiddy as I've said but I think the logic could be something like this:

audio length + padding = whole number of ticks (y)

if n == > y,

n mod y

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