Unwieldy Tracker Noise Bursts

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Unwieldy Tracker Noise Bursts

Post by Grids »

Hi I am having so many problems with Unwieldy tracker on old songs.

I find this is particularly the case when I use long wav samples. Some of the samples start sounding bitcrushed and weird and every now and then the song will try to play a long sample and just spit out white noise. Does anyone have any ideas for how to stop this.

My 'solution' has been to swap all of the utrk's for matilde 2 and replace all of the long samples. This is very, very frustrating and I prefer working in Utrk.

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Re: Unwieldy Tracker Noise Bursts

Post by boombaxx »

I replaced all my utrks with utrk 2 which has multi out. I would also make a template with Utrk 2 inside a polac vst. And use that. Load up an empty polac vsti and go to utrk2.dll in generators and load that. Save it as a template. If you need utrk 2 i have it. I am sure it is still on the net

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Re: Unwieldy Tracker Noise Bursts

Post by george »

Something like batch machine replacement could be interesting.

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Re: Unwieldy Tracker Noise Bursts

Post by etruscan »

I've had problems with UTrk making noise bursts. I never really got to the bottom of it but it seems to be related to the use of 24-bit samples - if I play a 24-bit sample on a given track followed by a sample of different bit-depth, sometimes I get a noise burst or a big click. My workaround is to keep all samples at the same bit-depth. Big pain in the arse but UTrk is worth it :)

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