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Request new Buzz Tools, Effects, Generators, Features

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 7:41 pm
by JMC
first I like to say thank's, THANK's to all the Dev's and for all they'r great work.
I know Buzz since some years, and honestly... I use it from time to time, just to make noise and try stuff... any way, Buzz was and is and hopefuly will be always ... a great gift of life, and the developers of course. ;)

So, since there is no sticky request topic in this forum, as other apps may have, in they'r community, I just dare to disturb you in you'r Dev-Section of the forum. :dance:
(Maybe some one can make it sticky if willing)
  1. I have some ideas, but I am not a programmer my self
  • I will put each idea in a seperate posting
In that way every posting is an idea closed in it self and collected in this topic.
Any Dev could read this topic, from time to time, to get some weird inspirations for some brand new miracle- Machine's, Tool's, Effec's, Generator's, Adapter's and what else you can dream of.
If a Dev likes an idea, he/she/it can bookmark the posting and use the single posting as a reference for... what ever Dev's do with good ideas.

If you have some own Buzz-idea's or Buzz-dream's...
I invite you to post them here too ...
in the same way
(one posting, one idea)

May it will turn into a Buzz-User driven ThinkTank for Devs driving Buzz...

Idea, Gear Generator, XY-Screen Robo-Machin

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 7:44 pm
by JMC
OK, here my first idea,

XY-Screen Robo-Machin
I dont know if this is possible, only a Dev can know it...

The idea is a simple Generator-Machine with patterns, as every machine.
But it has not to be connected with any out- or input, it makes no sound.
The pattern should have...
X parameter,
Y parameter,
Mode parameter
and Machine-Selector parameter

So, what could a user now do with that?
A user could select, some how, a Machine-parameter-window, not just any machine, just the machine-parameter-windows used in the actual file.
This could be in a menu like some mixers have.
Then he can give a X and Y parameter for this Machine and a Mode such as Display-Percent, Display-Pixel, DPI or what ever makes sense to Devs.
And then the user can fire the trigger on or off to display the selected machine at a time on X,Y of the Screen/Display/Buzz or to hide the machine at a given tick in the pattern.

You may ask why should a user do this?
You will be surprised, the usability would be overhelming...
Users could use it to create Buzz tutorials inside of buzz, where machines appear at time on screen at a given place.
Machines could even dance (maybe not the best way to use Buzz).
Users could create different machine layout presets to use in templates.
There could be some presets like Show all, Hide all, Center all, Move all or just Some to X Y Pixels or Percent and so on.
So the machine-parameter window will appear at given time where the user needs the parameter-window.
May you have some kind of live track where you whish to see all Effects or some Generators or what ever, after a break or some event of change in the track.
This would be the solution.

Imagine you open a template and then you click on XY-Screen Robo-Machin and then you choose the preset "Custom-EQ Bank" or "Layered Machines 1"... and they will all plop up in a intentional order, clear to understand for your template users.

So i dont know if this is technical possible.
Of course users sould not be able to place parameter windows outside the screen.
Other problems i cant see, because it is not hiding or moving the machines in the machine view, but just theyr parameter window, to place the machines them self in the machine view would be awesome too of course, so machines can get reordered while playing by pattern, this is less essential because it would be only very informative but less important than parameters to move in the right moment at the richt place.

I hope you get a Picture of this XY-Screen Robo-Machin Idea.
Who ever will be able to do it... Thank You :D

Idea, Gear Generator, LyriCulato-R

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 8:58 pm
by JMC

I use this cool Notebook in Buzz with richText, it can import pictures and save or load text in color ;)
Since long i miss a text by pattern feature in this machine.
And this leads me to the idea if an LyriCulato-R machine...

Basicaly the same Notebook with text color, text size, indent, outdent, pictures and so on.
But it gets some magic functions more...

Change the internal text file by pattern
Open it self or close it self by pattern at a given X,Y position on scren
It should get some modes also selectable by pattern
Text Mode, the Textwindow will appear as intended and display the text given by pattern value
LyriCulato-R Mode, to use this mode you need to specify singers and per singer a default or X,Y position on screen and additional a text and background color.
then you can add a text file with some magic this will maybe look so
Row1 Tina Helooooo
Row3 Tina Helo
Row4 Tina Helo
Row5 Tina Heloooo Wooooorld
Row8 Robert Helo
Row9 Robert Helo
Row10 Robert Helo Tinaaaa
Row12 Stop

... how ever i am sure a Dev knows a better solution

At the end you just have to imagine that...
You have a live session and some people need lyrics on the screen at a time, some times only one but other times you have a group.
So you open this LyriCulato-R Generator with the Lyrics as Text and the right pattern in it.
Then you press play.
Now LyriCulato-R will appear for Susan on the Left side and her Text is in her color and it is some how displaying sentences but with a marker for the actual words or maybe even the comming words.
Just like all this Karaoke machines.
When her text has ended the textwindow will disappear again
Later comes the part of Achim but his lyrics are in a other color and the window will appear on the right side this time.
If you have more singers then you can also place the windows to the different screen corners.
A good question is what will happen if they sing all together or only some?
Will the Textwindow split it self or will the singers share a window centered between them.
Additionaly I think it would be nice if such a LyriCulato-R window would somehow pulsate, some kind of decent knightrider style in the speed of the music, just to get the feeling.

So you see its a bit a vague idea, but i think the given picture is a possible situation and a LyriCulato-R kind of would make sense, not only for professional musicans and artists, but also for fun and hobby users.

I think the organization of text and time or the problem with multiple singers will be difficult so solve in a simple userfriendly way to understand and manage.
Also i am not sure if it would be too crazy if you sing your text and then other windows with text are ploping up, maybe this makes people confuse, in the other hand if you see your color in your corner of the screen, you already should know your text.
I think it is a tool that would be well used if people know about it and if it is userfriendly ;)

Idea, Gear Generator, Mas-Men

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 9:52 pm
by JMC

This is a very useful Buzz machine that should get developed by Devs.

The idea for Mas-Men comes with the new Buzz and the reality of non reacting rebuzz.ini files.
Rebuzz.ini was a text file with a customable menu in the buzz toolbar.
There were some tools like this cool calculator in the menu as example.
And users were able to add custom menu itens.

Today this menu is lost and the user is fully dependent on the Devs if it comes to custom menus.

So this situation created the idea of Mas-Men.

Mas-Men is a machine to solve this problem

A user could add this machine and then create a custom menu.
Click on a open-folder or open-file button, move the items some how up or down in a list with folders and seperators by drag and drop.
Save different menus as Mas-Men presets.
So you can change the menu quickly, Live Preset will show your custom midi tools, Labor Preset will may show your custom calculators and so on.
So you have in every situation your tools menu as you need it in a situation.
The interessting part is how you open the menu.
One idea is by clicking on the machine, but this rises the question how to remove/mute/bypass/pan the machine, if every click rises the menu.
The other idea is to get the Mas-Men Menu in to the machine context menu.
Or a other very nice solution would be if Mas-Men can place a menu into the Buzz toolbar and/or the normal context menu.
The best would be all together selectable by parameters in a pattern
and of course it would be a nice extra feature if the menu can get changed or opened and closed by pattern events.

A security risk to think about would be bad presets with evil menu entries which open stuff by pattern.
So there should be no way to start files automaticaly, just open the menu and show some entries as preselected, that would be a great tool for every one on earth.

So every one can click his own custom menu together and change it live with a pattern where entries are already selected and opened, or it will close the menu at a given time by pattern.

Such a tool with automatic and changing menus would also be usable to create tutorials where menus appear by pattern at a time.

I hope to see such a Mas-Men Menu Machine very soon, I always search this old damn cool calc over the explorer some where since rebuzz.ini is dormant.

I hope you can read some how between the lines what the idea of Mas-Men is and how it could work and help.
This would be a favour to every one since yesterday ;)

Request, Buzz Feature, Horizontal scrollbar in Sequenze F4

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 11:57 pm
by JMC
In the Sequenze View under F4.
When i have many track's, a tiny horizontal scrollbar would be very handy at the bottom, just to spot the tracks by mouse instead of the arrow keys.
The scrollbar could have only the half heigh of a normal scrollbar, to not loose many space.
Also the existing vertical scrollbar could be only the half sized width, just to see one number more :? .

Request, Buzz Feature, Stop-Button & Panic-Button functions

Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2016 4:54 pm
by JMC
The stop button should have a function,
to stop, as normal, on a single click
or to stop and jump back to the start of the loop, on double click.

And the disable audio device button, i call it pan!c button could have some settings/options to just disable the device or to stop/reset all machines.
I can understand when some people use this button some how to disable and enable the output while playing. But in example i my self use this button just as a pan!c button if the speaker blows up some how, but then, when i turn the device back on, the machines or effects or what ever, are still making noise. At the end i am faster when i restart buzz in such a case as if i would wait until buzz keeps quiet.

Idea, Buzzomat the Buzz-Loader, to load old or new Buzz

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2016 7:10 pm
by JMC
I saw a nice script here in the forum

It can load the old or new Buzz :D

It would be simple for users to rename all old files into bmx.oldBuzz
while all new files stay as *.bmx

Then it would be superb if some kind of loader would exist :D
One who recognizes the *.oldBuzz extension and then would load the old Buzz files, when a user drag and drops such a file on the loader or loads the new Buzz with its files when a user drops a bmx on it.

Additional the loader could have a feature to load the bmx file as a new version of the file and a option to keep a custom amount of versions and to delete older versions. So a user could say he wants 4 versions then it will always create a new version, re-name/number/date the others and delete the 5th file.

How would it look like in a example...
A users opens would Download... Buzzomat the Buzz-Loader
Drop the exe in his buzz music folder
create a shortcut to the desktop and startmenu and taskbar and the windows contextmenu and could register the bmx files to open with the loader.
then a users... hmm... some how he must rename all his old Buzz files into *bmx.oldBuzz or *.bmw.oldBuzz.
then the user can doubleclick all files on his system to load them as *.oldBuzz in the old Buzz or as *.bmx in the new Buzz.
Each time the user loads such a file into buzz it would also create a backup version file, sorted by number of file where the new file is always the 1th file or by date or may both.
So a user could easy switch between old and new Buzz and optionaly also make versions of the files he opens.
This could help if you have build a setup and then at some point you find some generators in the file which you cant remove or what ever problems can happen, may you saved a file and then you would like to go back some steps to the point where it was good.
This would be a handy solution, also for other Buzz versions or even other applications if the loader could handle them.

a similar script, to developers may inspirative, is the make_bmx_version_V1.1 from this site here ... works/dev/

So basicaly such a "Buzzomat the Buzz-Loader" would some how join the two scripts togehter in a beautiful way :D

Imagine how easy you could switch between Buzz versions, or how many tracks you may would have finished if you were able to go some versions back before you killed it.
This would be to users and even develobers a very handy tool ;)

Request Buzz Feature, Custom Usermenu

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 2:10 am
by JMC
Hi again :oops:

In the old Buzz there was this rebuzz.ini menu with some tools, i used the menu and the tools often.
In the new Buzz is no custom menu, and i would like to get this custom menu back :roll:

I would also have, as I guess, a inovative idea...
Its just, as in the old Buzz, a customable menu in the toolbar.
And to customize a normal user would not have to play around with ini files or xaml or cryptographic digital binary stuff,
no it could all be very simple, just a custom menu folder in the Buzz directory,
then a user creates folders and subfolders in it which will appear in Buzz when Buzz loads.
The user could place *.lnk links into the folder and they would be the menu items to custom apps as in example a calculator
But thats not all, there would also be a magic folder, the plopup menu folder,
a user could create a Buzz file with some machines in it, save the file with a name into the magic folder, with a meaningful name, let us say Favorite-Delay.bmx,
then buzz should read the bmx files when starting up, no sound no nothing, Buzz should not even open the files, just read the machines of the file and list them as items under the menu entry of the filename.
In that way a user can define his menu without ".ini's or tools from a site which may still exists
It would be all in Buzz it self

In example you want a new menu entry in the toolbar menu, just place a link into the toolbarmenu-folder of Buzz.
Or you like to resort your rightclick machines menu, just put some machines into a file, safe it with a name into the rightclick-folder and reload Buzz.
Similar you could delete menu entries or some machines in your menu Buzz.files

This would turn the ini menu into an additional option or even old and useles.

There would be the question, what happens to the old ini menu?
May it would need a menu converter which reads the ini menu and creates the files in the tollbarmenu folders/subfolders.

This would also solve a other nasty problem,
The ini menu, as i guess, mostly comes from google and seems to contain near to every machine, some do not exist any more, i strongly feel some did also never realy exist, at least they were not meant to exist, some how...
With such a custom menu, the user would never miss machines which he him self never had before.

I think this kind of menu could be the future, even to other applications with a similar modular system.

There is only one real problem, how could people share such a user menu?
First, why should some one share the menu? Every one should have his own menu as he understands it. But if it has to be there, there will be the problem of missing machines.
I see only two options so solve this problem, Buzz will try to download the machine from the machines archive or users can pack the menu and machines into one kind of zip file, so they can share the menu without a problem, the third and bad solution would be, Buzz does not find the file and the menu stays empty if you do not have the machines.

I hope some Dev people can make this and bring us the custom Buzz menu back, it was not there with out reason ;) :lol:

Thanks any way... Buzz is great (just when he crashes he makes a some problems) :mrgreen:

Request new Buzz Feature in wavetable view

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:19 pm
by JMC
Some how i feel, its only me asking for new stuff in Buzz :roll:
how ever...

the wave table view could be a bit more as known by other openTrackes.
They often have the ability to create empty slots, it is like loading an empty audio file which you can rename.
some users may also would use a up and down button to sort the wave table.

and it would be awesome if users could create an empty file, name it, move it up or down and draw waves into the wave view. I saw this in modplug and they can define how many samples the wave becomes and then click a pen button and draw custom waves.
also empty slots or waves were often used to sort waves or to tell stories in the wavetable, this is very usefull to sort different sounds, and thats why a user should also get a possibility to rename the waves.
So you could create two empty slots in the wavetable and name them sampe pack 1 and sample pack 2, then you load some samples and move them under such a empty wave, in that way you could sort them or you could creat an empty file and tell a story as in example "all credits for the next 4 samples go to some humanoid", and so on.
Also the draw sample function would be awesome, so a user can say, make wave with 64 samples and then he could draw some hand made wave in it that gets looped, it would be like a synth when played with notes.
And the rename function, it gets clear if you have a lot of spoken words in numbered name form like 001.wav and so on, now you loaded them all into buzz and listen to them and you would like to name them by the spoken words in them, it would be realy helpful if this would be possible.
the files should only get moved up or down or renamed in the buzz file of course and not touch the original files after loading them into buzz.

It would be so great :D

Re: Request new Buzz Tools, Effects, Generators, Features

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 1:37 pm
by Joachip
Ooh, nice idea to collect all these ideas in one place. Forums are so messy. I already posted another idea here, but here's one I thought of recently, but probably won't have time to do in any forseable future:

Problem / question: Which machines do I need to have installed for all my bmx files to work (or most of them at least)?

Solution: Scanning your entire bmx file folder and its subdirectories for .bmx files and counting the use of buzz machines, so that you can see which machines you've used and how many times. This way you could easily get up and running after reinstalling everything.

It would be really awesome if this tool was cross platform. (My song folder in on a linux machine, and I prefer scripting stuff there.) The kind of information that would be good to have - in a machine parsable format - would be:

DLL filename | Machine name | Total use count (summed up from all folders).

Re: Request new Buzz Tools, Effects, Generators, Features

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 6:55 pm
by magmavander
Which machines do I need to have installed for all my bmx files to work (or most of them at least)?
Buzzscan does that but one song by one song.

Re: Request new Buzz Tools, Effects, Generators, Features

Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 10:04 pm
by mute
Joachip wrote: Solution: Scanning your entire bmx file folder and its subdirectories for .bmx files and counting the use of buzz machines, so that you can see which machines you've used and how many times. This way you could easily get up and running after reinstalling everything. ... nt-execpp/ (updated this entry when I saw your post)

scans a directory (not recursively) and does just what you said. by btdsys. code included.


Also, for anyone inclined.. this python source/example can be pretty damn useful to make other tools (this example is python 2.x): ... fo-script/

Re: Request new Buzz Tools, Effects, Generators, Features

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2016 2:37 pm
by Klangkulisse
Download link is not working?
Seems it is linked to picture png

Re: Request new Buzz Tools, Effects, Generators, Features

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2016 10:05 pm
by mute

Binomial Smoothing

Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2016 3:51 am
by nathansnider
One pretty simple effect I've always wanted is a binomial smoothing filter, as described here. For the first pass (smoothing parameter = 1), you just average the last two samples of the input. For the second pass, you average the last two samples of the first pass, and so on:

Out(1,t) = (In(t) + In(t-1)) / 2
Out(n,t) = (Out(n-1,t) + Out(n-1,t-1)) / 2

The impulse responses for a range of smoothing parameters look like this:


I've done some mockups of this effect by chaining together a bunch of Ynzn Interpolators, and I rather like the sound of it. It attenuates the high frequencies while still maintaining a kind of clarity that gets lost with regular lowpass filters.

Another neat thing is that it's completely linear, so (at least for even-numbered passes) you can subtract the smoothed output from the (delayed) input and use it as a sharpening filter, or even subtract one smoothed signal from another (e.g., subtract the output of pass 16 from the output of pass 8, delayed by 4 samples) to use it as a sort of bandpass.

To implement this, you could just repeatedly apply the averaging operation as described above. But of course, because the impulse response is just the binomial distribution, it might be more efficient to just precalculate a normalized Pascal's triangle out to, say, n=1024 and use that to convolve the signal, smoothly interpolating between the coefficients as the smoothing parameter is changed. Whether the convolution is done in the time domain or via FFT is a matter of taste I guess. I assume the performance would be better with FFT for larger smoothing parameters.

I always figured that if I were to make a Buzz machine, I'd start with this, but thusfar I've been too lazy to seriously work on it. Anyone else want to give it a try?

Re: Request new Buzz Tools, Effects, Generators, Features

Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2016 9:49 am
by bigyo
There is linear phase version of my ParamEQ, it uses FFT based convolution, so you can get similar results.
You'll find it here:

Re: Request new Buzz Tools, Effects, Generators, Features

Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2016 10:59 pm
by nathansnider
bigyo wrote:There is linear phase version of my ParamEQ, it uses FFT based convolution, so you can get similar results.
You'll find it here:
Oh, neat, thanks! I'll check that out!

Re: Request new Buzz Tools, Effects, Generators, Features

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:16 am
by AndersBrontosaurus
Joachip wrote:Ooh, nice idea to collect all these ideas in one place. Forums are so messy.
I completely disagree with this. :-)
In my opinion, the reason for why forums become messy is that you clog up to many different things in one thread. Suggestions tend to get lost or forgotten and it's difficult to keep track on the different discussions since the thread tend to grow fast and in various directions.
I personally endorse the idea of one topic per thread.
I do of course really like that there is an ongoing discussion about development but I think a better way could be to create a new subforum called "Request new Buzz Tools, Effects, Generators, Features" or similar.

And Yes, I'm uncomfortably aware of the fact that this post according to my own opinion should be in a separate thread rather than in this thread.... :oops:

Re: Request new Buzz Tools, Effects, Generators, Features

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 2:23 pm
by JMC
AndersBrontosaurus wrote:
Joachip wrote:Ooh, nice idea to collect all these ideas in one place. Forums are so messy.
I completely disagree with this. :-)
own opinion should be in a separate thread rather than in this thread.... :oops:
Of course a own forum section would be nice.

How ever look at this as a pool or a think thank to collect new ideas.
There are many ideas, some are just silly, some are courious, and some may be brilliant.

If a idea is realy genious enough to wake the interest of a developer, it deserves a own topic any way.
The idea is not to collect here every new tool, they should be standing out in a own topic.
The idea is to build some kind of think tank for new stuff, by users or developers for developers.

As you say it your self, such a topic can grow fastly by many good ideas.
In the other hand if every new idea has a own topic, you may can imagine it your self, the topics with good ideas get lost at the bottom of no where, and it grows as fast as it grows in a own topic. But in a own topic it is not messing the forum.

I saw such a system in the comodo forums about the firewall stuff.
They have a similar whish list, i think they reopen a list each year.
They collect ideas, some may hundert times again, and some are good.
Good ideas which catch up a developer get a own topic.
So they get a imense think tank without missing the board.
I think the developers there just read the ideas when they get bored some how, and then they know what they can do next ;)

This system has some potential and it can work, some times its funy, some times it curves around, but basicaly its just a Buzz Think tank now.

Of course if you are able, open a new section, but i fear in a own section the ideas will fall to the bottom, get lost and the section will grow and get messy as hell. May its better to open a section where the ideas of this topic get real, "New Tools based on user ideas", or maybe some thing more creative.
Just to let developers understand that they have here now a own think tank. And that they should open a own topic if they take a new idea from here, to discuss theyr developement there.
Hey they can collect here ideas and rebrand them as they like in a own topic :mrgreen: :idea:

May you get the picture ;)

How ever i think at the moment it works well in here, ideas come together and solutions get exchanged, and hopefuly some developers already got inspired by the topic here.

And to not totaly be offtopic, i also come with a new idea :shock:

Buzz Machine online pic gen
a online tool to generate Buzz Machine pictures
Just select Effect Generator or Controll and type some text, then you can download your Buzz Avatar or informative picture or you just use it as nice tool to generate nice pictures.
May this could be useful from time to time.

May you tend now to ask why it is not called "Think Tank" if it is a think tank.
Its just because of the keywords users use to find such a think tank topic.
If it helps you you can imagine the title would be "Buzz think tank" :geek: :lol: :geek:

Re: Request new Buzz Tools, Effects, Generators, Features

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 6:17 pm
by Klangkulisse
Buzz Machine online pic gen
a online tool to generate Buzz Machine pictures
... or connect a machine to your microwave oven and it generates a ... pizza? :roll: