polac metronome

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polac metronome

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hi folks!

is there anything specific to be done to polac's metronome? It does not emit any sound however much I connect and tweak it?
what am I overlooking?


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Re: polac metronome

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Seems to work here. It begins to click if you enter record mode in Buzz. However it's possible that's some features won't work in new buzz as they should.

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Re: polac metronome

Post by Willy »

As I was looking if Buzz had a built-in metronome and came across this thread:
If you search for "metronome" on Google, it shows you a tool with adjustable BPM and play button directly above the search hits.

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Re: polac metronome

Post by mute »

FYI.. polac metronome has midi start/stop/record features that I assume a lot of people don't know about. Frank, care to elaborate? I think I've forgotten some of it and know it's not documented. Can't remember if it's just note trigger..

edit: yeah, by midi note

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