Organic Evolving pads

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Organic Evolving pads

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I would love to hear how you use buzz to create atmospheric ambient pads and drones with lots of evolving textures. I'm not interested in pure synth sounds or weird sound FX VSTi's (I find some VSTi's too digital spacey sounding)

Stuff like Tim Hecker or Helios.

I really love using Chimera VSTI with Funkyverb (and a massive decay) after it for hazy atmospheric pads. I often use Wow and Flutter vsti for generating ambient 'Boards of Canada-ish' tones.

I use Cygnus VSTi (with loads of reverb) for ethereal wavering drones and also Arthphase for hazy organ tones. I also find I can get some nice tones out of Subduer Vsti

I also often use a field recording sample - EQ out the bass freqs, put a Philthy filter on it and then reverb. For some crackly textures underneath. And then have a mellotron flute VSTi e.g. nanotron lightly over the top for warm sounds.

What buzz machines do you use for your atmospheric pads?

Do you have any other vsti's for hazy, evolving pads.

Do you use a sampler or tracker for this?

Keen to hear your techniques in buzz.

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Re: Organic Evolving pads

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With Scale Walker and Buzz generators and effect, you can create great textures and drones, a five minutes made example with Green milk
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