Buzz on ReactOS?

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Buzz on ReactOS?

Post by mridlen »

The goal of the operating system is something that looks and acts like Windows, that runs Windows programs, but runs on Linux. I assume they use some sort of VM abstraction or something to make this work. I'll have to play with it when I get a chance.

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Re: Buzz on ReactOS?

Post by ags »

It's nothing to do with Linux :)

I'd be interested to know how the audio support is though.

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Re: Buzz on ReactOS?

Post by boombaxx »

Looks not bad but seems to be fat 32 only at the moment. With plans for NTFS later. Audio seems sketchy at best

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Re: Buzz on ReactOS?

Post by UNZ »

probably no wpf support either yet

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Re: Buzz on ReactOS?

Post by Willy »

How long are they going to keep that zombie going for? ReactOS is a piece of shit that has been in development ever since, still without any proper results. Go with the times and either use Windows 10, MacOs or Linux.

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