Oculus Spatializer VST

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Oculus Spatializer VST

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I was looking for an effect to position audio source in 3D scene in relation to the listener and found out that Oculus has released a free audio spatializer VST.

Pretty interesting plugin. You can automate all the plugin variables so you can move sounds using track parameters.

To make it work you need to enable 'Process With Fixed Blocksize' in Polac VST adapter settings for this VST. Also it seems to work only for 44100 and 48000 samplerates. This you can fix by enabling oversample and use 1/2 multiplier if you run Buzz in 96000 Hz.

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Re: Oculus Spatializer VST

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Thanks for the hint ;)

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Re: Oculus Spatializer VST

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In case you weren't already aware, this guy has a ton of interesting spatialization stuff: http://acousmodules.free.fr/

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