midi device limit

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midi device limit

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Did you know that windows has a 10 midi device limit. So if you have GAS and wonder why ur new synth does not show up in midi device select thats why. It includes gear you may no longer have.

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Re: midi device limit

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Bill Gates once famously didn't say that nobody could ever need more than ten MIDI devices. :D

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Re: midi device limit

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You can remove midi devices:
Hi there,

For those who might have reach the wonderful 9 midi drivers limitation on Windows by installing many time the same driver, or having changed soundcards often or whatever...

Here is how to removed duplicates / unused midi drivers in the registry.

Go in the regedit (run and type regedit)
Then Software > Microsoft > Windows NT > Current Version > Drivers32

You will see midi subkeys Midi, midi 1, 2...

There you can delete any duplicates and make free space to instal new ones.

The worse you can do here is removing used drivers and having to reinstall it so not very problematic...

Hope it helps,


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Re: midi device limit

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Is this still the case in Windows 10 ?
I thought the limit was removed / raised.

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