Install error

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Install error

Post by blafot »


I try to install latest build on win 10 pro 64 bit and got this message: Internal Error: Failed to expand shell folder constant "userdocs".

I think its cause my computer is a work computer and stores personal files at network if available.
I need buzz on this computer cause Im gonna have a class using it.

Is there any ZIP-file with a complete installation or portable somewhere like it used to be a couple of years ago?


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Re: Install error

Post by mantratronic »

There's no portable version of the latest builds, your best bet is probably to install it on another computer and copy the install directory to your work computer but I doubt it will work. Also make sure to use the 32 bit version even though you are on 64 bit windows. The latest vst wrapper (pvst) will load 32 or 64 bit vsts regardless.

Out of curiosity, where are you teaching?

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Re: Install error

Post by Joachip »

Hello there,
Yes, make sure to use the 32-bit version of Buzz. That's the one everyone uses.

Could this be related? ... 342c40df2c

PS: I love the thought of someone using Buzz in an educational context, and I think it could make a lot of sense within certain fields. May I be as curious as to ask what sort of class you're teaching? Maybe I'll be able to come up with some relevant details, machines or tips & tricks.

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Re: Install error

Post by domtron »

If you want to work with Buzz using only VST's.The x64 version works fine but you need to install it via right-click as administrator.

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