About some corrupted bmx

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About some corrupted bmx

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I was reading this thread :

and thinked on how to fix this. I misread the first message so what I found doesnt apply exactly to this particular problem.

Maybe some of you have these unusuable bmx where all machines are ok in Machine View but nothing (no patterns) in Sequencer View and Pattern View.

I found some ways to get these bmx working again. I have made some long video to explain how I did fix the problem, to put it on youtube as tutorial :roll:


While I was fiddling around one of my bmx (I have a bmx with this problem) I discover that if I right-click on the Peer Enveloppe I used in the corrupted song, Buzz crashes!! I pushed my investigation further and discover that I have the PeerEnv both in Gens and Effects folders... As PeerEnv is considered as an effect, I removed the dll from the Generators folder.
And Tadaaa!! The bmx worked again.

Did some of you have the same problem with some bmx ? Can you check if you used peer machines in it ? Or maybe you have machines used in the song that are in the wrong folder ?

If none of these possible error are causing the problem, I will upload the video with the solution I have found.

Thanks for the Help ;)

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