multitrack record?

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multitrack record?

Post by KNAR »

whats the best work around people have found for recording your machines to individual stems to be put into a daw?
i seem to remember some convoluted way where you use a wave recorder for each channel and have to go through and name all the wavs and set it up in a super tedious way. hoping theres something easier than that or soloing each channel and recording each of the 20 some channels seperate.

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Re: multitrack record?

Post by magmavander »

Jeskola Loop Recorder ? or Sgorpi's MultiTrack Writer ?

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Re: multitrack record?

Post by River Cricket »

I use Sgorpi's MultiTrack Writer.

Here's a basic template I use for a 4-track recording (with the MTWr machines spread out a little bit to make the routing/wiring a little more obvious):


The MTWr machines must be connected to Master in order to function properly - but since MixIO is handling all the levels (and I want to preserve the balance on the multitracks) and feeding its output direct to Master, I run them through a muted Cheapo Amp.

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Re: multitrack record?

Post by onecircles »

Wow, cool! I didn't know you could do that.

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Re: multitrack record?

Post by mridlen »

Yeah I use MTWr as well.

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