Is anybody using Surface Pro with Buzz?

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Is anybody using Surface Pro with Buzz?

Post by AndersBrontosaurus »

Is anybody using Surface Pro with Buzz? I need to buy a new laptop since the keys are failing on my old i3 laptop. Thinking aboutbuying a Surface Pro 3 from the second hand market. It doesn't have superpowers but I rarely max my old computer so I hope it will work out.
Any thoughts?

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Re: Is anybody using Surface Pro with Buzz?

Post by szaszhareen »

I have a surface pro 1 :lol: I recently went to microsoft ignite in DC, and told them about it - the sales rep said "oh, man - i'm sorry to hear that" :lol: :lol: :lol:

didn't hurt my feelings since i got it for a steal, just had to spend a few hours locating all the drivers and getting it updated.

I use it for buzz, but mostly just to write loops that i render out and play on something else. The main limitation that will trip you up is the single usb port, but you can get a hub or something.

It's an i5 with 4gb and i have never had need to push it to the limits. but I do notice that when using asio drivers it will only play through the main speaker, not the headphones. newer models probably have better driver support.

Overall, i've had opportunity to use surface pro 4 at work and have been impressed, but have never used a DAW on them. The surface pro line is definitely made as a workhorse, being the response to the macbook pro line. I don't think you'll be disappointed by anything other than the lack of io.

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