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Polac VST (not VSTi) not recognizing MIDI

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 2:44 pm
by River Cricket
Is there something non-obvious I need to do to have Polac VST (the effect, not the generator version) recognize MIDI controls?

I have no problem getting things to work with VSTi's - but no matter what I load into an effect VST, it does not recognize MIDI input. Even the _FX versions of some softsynths that work perfectly fine in Polac VSTi refuse to do anything no matter how encouragingly I click the "learn" button and how feverishly I wiggle a control on my MIDI controller. I can even set both the VSTi and the VST to Omni receive and watch as the VSTi responds to every last wiggle of a CC knob while the equivalent control on the VST remains motionless.

Is there any obvious reason why Polac VSTi would be fine, but Polac VST not? Both are the latest versions from

Re: Polac VST (not VSTi) not recognizing MIDI

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 2:54 pm
by River Cricket
Okay, in what must be a world-record speedy "user takes care of themselves", I've managed to fix this issue.

You must add a Polac MIDI In machine, right-click, MIDI send to the Polac VST machine, then right-click again and select the MIDI controller you wish to use. If it's already your MIDI input device in Buzz, you'll have to unselect it from the View > Preferences > MIDI Input menu.

Now, I have to say: It works, and objectively speaking, using Polac MIDI in is superior to the built-in Buzz MIDI Input, since you can use multiple different MIDI controllers at once without creating a "fake FrankenMIDI" controller in MIDI-Ox. But... it's still a bit of a workflow-adjustment, and the "crabby 2-year-old" part of my brain is throwing a fit at having to do things differently from the terrible old way I'm used to :D