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easy automating in other daws?

Posted: Fri Apr 24, 2020 3:47 am
by e.m.p.
worked with buzz back in the day, still open it up from time to time, but lately i've been looking at more modern software to make some music. i haven't found, so far any software that can easily automate parameters like buzz can. i don't know if modern daws are not geared to be worked like buzz is, or if buzz being a tracker means it's easier to automate, but i've been looking for software in which i can automate a parameter in seconds, like i did with buzz. for instance, i have a 4 beat loop, i add an effect, for instance, create a track for it, open the fx's pattern and input the parameters of the machine; i can then duplicate the pattern and insert new parameter values, and end up with two settings for the fx machine, but i can do this in literally a few seconds. all iv'e seen in other daw's is, either, nothing, cause it's not intuitive or an easily made available feature, or we can design the automation, again, not easily or fast, like in buzz. so, does anyone have the experience in doing this work easily in any other daw? is this a feature that sets trackers aside from all these 900 dollar daws, or is it specific to buzz?