Extra 'Bleeps n Bloops' when track is stopped

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Extra 'Bleeps n Bloops' when track is stopped

Post by invisible_sweater »

Heyyy Buzz-Folk! Got a really random question this time...

When the song is finished playing and Buzz switches it's "play mode" off automatically, sometimes you hear some extra cool noises generated by certain instruments and effects after the track is stopped. And sometimes, it sounds really cool! Being into glitchy music, naturally I want to harness this power.

Since it happens after Buzz has switched to "Stop" mode, it's harder to pick that up on a recording or re-create the conditions that caused the noises.

So now I'm wondering how to tell only certain machines to Stop Playing the same way that the track ending does... while keeping the sequence playing at the same time :o

Does this sound like something that is possible? I'm experimenting currently with mute and break commands in the sequencer, as well as "note off" type commands on an instrument by instrument basis. A little insider knowledge on how this actually works would be pretty cool!

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Re: Extra 'Bleeps n Bloops' when track is stopped

Post by Candle »

Another option is to use PVST. You can load any Buzz Machine via PVST simply by placing the machine DLL in your VST folder. You can then change how the "VST" (Buzz Machine) reacts when F8 is pressed in Buzz in the PVST settings. It's not something I've ever done, but it is a thought I had when reading your post, invisible_sweater. Not even sure if it would work with Buzz Machines wrapped in PVST, but it would be worth experimenting with for your purposes.

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Re: Extra 'Bleeps n Bloops' when track is stopped

Post by mcbpete »

One option I can think of is to stick something like MRecorder (https://www.meldaproduction.com/MRecorder) just before the Master and untick the 'Pause when playback disabled' checkbox so that it continues recording the output irrespective of Buzz's playback state

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Re: Extra 'Bleeps n Bloops' when track is stopped

Post by magmavander »

Maybe also put the end (ctrl E) some lines after the last pattern in Sequencer ?

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Re: Extra 'Bleeps n Bloops' when track is stopped

Post by synthphase »

Sounds like trying to capture an error actually, which I guess is fairly common in glitch music, making this a good question! First thing I would do is check your CPU, if there are spikes after the song stops the machine likely has some overflows of some sort that are happening on note release. Capturing CPU spikes in a recording might be difficult because it could also generate skips in recording. If that's what you're after, try putting something like rIDMA or Lepidopterist at the end of your signal chain. http://buzz.robotplanet.dk/machineinfo.php?id=7655

Otherwise post a sound example maybe?

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