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AudioBlock makes it easy to work with audio files by turning patterns into audio wave tracks. Long audio files are merged with composition and played from the correct position without the need to trigger any notes.

Main features:
  • Play audio immediately from the correct position
  • Supports all audio interface sample rates
  • Supports all audio file sample rates
  • Supports all Buzz Wavetable sample formats
  • Resample audio files to sample rate used in Buzz to maximize audio quality (using LibSampleRate)
  • Audio file and play position visualization both horizontally and vertically
  • Linear and curved volume and pan envelopes
  • Audio looping
  • Millisecond precise offsets
  • Drag & Drop
  • Update pattern length automatically
  • Change Wave pitch, tempo or rate (using LibSoundTouch)
  • Undo/Redo (1-step)
  • Spectrogram
  • Power-user options: Overwrite sample in Wavetable, Auto-resample
  • Ogg, Flac, mp3 etc support.
  • Tested on Buzz 32 bit
Short term plans: Fix bugs if found.
Longer term plans: Multi channel out, better Buzz integration, 64 bit Buzz testing (need some new managed machine APIs for some of these)

Unzip to main Buzz folder. Version
(3.02 MiB) Downloaded 16 times

Source code below. Developed using Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019.
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Re: AudioBlock

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:dance: :dance: :dance:
All your work is AWESOME. This will be a very useful machine.
Thank you Monsieur WDE :D

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Re: AudioBlock

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Can't wait for the Multi-Channel Out ability. That'll make this amazing machine even better! 8-)

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Re: AudioBlock

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Today I have done a multichannel recording with EasyRec and then using AudioBlock.!
Picture is showing AudioBlock in Fullscreen.

I am asking myself why the wavetable labels are starting at different seconds?
The picture is showing the entire song, looks like the display is a little bit clipped at zero position? But maybe its just an illusion :)
Is it possible to show more tracks at once more easily?A button "fit waveform windows to all tracks"? Perhaps a double click onto the little grey bars in the middle or mouse wheel! ?

Thank you very much!
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Re: AudioBlock

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  • Snap to tick
  • Snap to beat
  • Show beats when zooming out

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