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The old Unwieldy Tracker multi-out issue

Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2020 6:50 pm
by synthphase
I know this might be a repost because last time this was asked I believe the answer was "don't use Unwieldy Tracker with Buzz 1.2". But I've used Unwieldy Tracker in several songs and I don't want to refactor them from the ground up.

Basically even if Utrak is multi-thread disabled in Gear.xml, noisebursts happen when you have a bunch of em playing samples at different bit rates even if, for example, the 24 bit one is a completely different instance than the 16 bit one! I know it's a known issue when you're switching between sample / bit rates within a single track on a single instance of Utrak but how are they bleeding into each other? Is the issue something more fundamental to the way Buzz mixes things multi-threaded vs single threaded? Also of note is that I'm using Polac Out I for multi-outs.

Again the issue goes away if Multi-threading is set to false in Buzz settings, but not if all Fuzzpilz machines are given the muli-threading exception in gear.xml. I tried making Polac Out multi-thread disabled as well to no avail.