Wah Wha What?

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Wah Wha What?

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So I'm trying to put together a "Wah Pedal" c/o my Behringer FCB-1010 MIDI Foot Controller. I first tried HoRNet's Wah Wah VST but it's a resource hog (like most VSTs). So I thought to myself: c'mon there's gotta be a Buzz Machine for this. Sure enough, I've settled on FSM's WahMan Pro2 powered by a Peer Control. But I can't seem to get the sound I'm looking for. I guess I'm a little confused. Should the foot pedal on my FCB-1010 control the LFO Rate or the Resonance? Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Wah Wha What?

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You'd probably do better controlling the filter cutoff. I think there's more to the wah sound than just cutoff though. I remember reading that it's more complicated than just a filter but I can't recall what the extra component is. Shouldn't be hard to find out though.

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