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MIDI controller mapping/customization (noob)

Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2021 6:00 pm
by sfMan
I've just bought my first MIDI controller, so have no experience in that matter.
So noob question:
How can I map controler buttons to buzz or polac VSTs?
For example I know that prev & next buttons are send by CC28 and CC29.
How to map these signals to switch VSTi's prev/next preset?
Do I need some additional bridge plugins or there's simplier way?

Are there any tutorials or examples how customize MIDI maping?
Where should I search for answers and knowledge?

Re: MIDI controller mapping/customization (noob)

Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2021 9:27 pm
by Candle
I use IX Magic to map all my foot controller presets. I have a Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller & I have it programmed to send Note Events to Magic which then uses its Peer Control functionality to switch presets in VSTs & other Buzz parameters. Here's my process:
  • 1. Add IX Magic and any VSTs or Buzz Machines you wish to control to your Buzz project.
    2. Set IX Magic's MIDI Input channel using the machine attributes (for exapmple: I use Channel 3 because I have other MIDI messages happening on other MIDI channels).
    3. Double click on IX Magic to open its editor window.
    4. Right click on the Sequence Pane and add a new Sequence.
    5. Select the Sequence & give it a name (I usually name my Sequences after the Bank/Pedal number & Preset)
    6. Select the MIDI Note that will trigger the Sequence. This must match the MIDI Note you have programmed your Foot Controller to send.
    7. Right Click the Sequence on the pane on the left & add a New Step.
    8. Select the new Step you just created & then Righ Click it. Add a new Peer Control Event.
    9. Select this new Peer Control Event and assign the Machine or VST you'd like to control in the settings on the right.
    10. If you're using Polac's VSTi/VST Loader you can then select "[G] 4: Program" as the controlled Parameter. Otherwise, select whatever machine parameter you'd like to control.
    11. For "Next" you need to set the "On Value" to +1. For "Previous", set the "On Value" to -1. If you'd like to select a particular Preset, find the preset's Hex Number from the VST's Preset List (you might have to set Polac VST to display Preset numbers in Hex in its settings if it's not already set like this) & then insert that number preceded by the letter "x" in the "On Value" field. For example, if the prest Hex number is 4A, then you would type "x4A" in Magic's "On Value" field.
You can then repeat this process for each preset/pedal you'd like to program into Buzz. My own "Live" Buzz Setup has about 60 presets programmed into Magic (& a couple of other machines) that all correspond to Banks/Presets on my Foot Controller.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, let me know. I'm happy to help out.

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Re: MIDI controller mapping/customization (noob)

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2021 6:06 pm
by sfMan
Thanks for explanation and example.
May Gods of Sound be with You :)

Re: MIDI controller mapping/customization (noob)

Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2021 1:02 am
by Candle
Glad I could help :D

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Re: MIDI controller mapping/customization (noob)

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2021 6:08 pm
by River Cricket
A possibly less-complicated way is:

1. Download the PVST tools from here (or this forum thread)
(note: When choosing between "x86" and "x64", you want the version that matches your Buzz install, NOT your OS)
(obviously you've already done this, but I'm including it for completion :D)
2. Make sure your audio output (View > Preferences) is one of the Polac options. Generally Polac ASIO. You may need to set up ASIO4ALL if you're using a built-in soundcard. Polac WDM Kernel Streaming is an alternative if you're using a built-in soundcard or if your audio interface only has one stereo input channel pair or you're not using outside-the-box gear.
3. Now that you're using a Polac audio driver, you "unlock" the ability to use other Polac tools, including the almighty Polac MIDI In
4. Add Polac MIDI In to your project
5. Right-click Polac MIDI In and choose your MIDI device
6. Right-click Polac MIDI In again and click "MIDI Send ..."
7. Choose the machine you wish to send MIDI to
8. You're (possibly!) good to go now!

If your VST doesn't have its own native MIDI CC mapping (most do these days), you'll have to go into the VST Settings menu (Edit > Settings, or F4 within the VST GUI) and map things there - if you have questions about that, I'd be happy to help.

If you want to use Polac MIDI In to control a native Buzz Machine, there's an extra step or two:

1. Add Polac MIDI Bus II
2. Route the Polac MIDI In to the MIDI Bus II
3. Right-click MIDI Bus II, Assign Machines, choose the Buzz Machine you want the MIDI routed to

Note that this can be a little bit glitchy and I personally haven't done much with it beyond using MIDI Bus to route MIDI controls to PeerCtrl, which then controls settings of various Buzz Machines.