Your music making process (magic, accumulator, split, peer x, tune)

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Your music making process (magic, accumulator, split, peer x, tune)

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How is your music making process with buzz (or buze 0.8.9 in my case, now). Thanks to buze 0.8.9 it seems in the title mentioned machines are working, thus can be used. I would like to dive a bit more in those machines and the possibilities with them.

To give my intended discussion area I am thinking in simplest scenarios, just for learning the magic and power of those machines. For kick taking ErsKick, for hihat ErsHihat, for bassline Oomek Aggressor. That's it. If you want to use samples add 5 samples into the soup. One more synth, add FSM Infector. It should not be about details of machines, instead musical concepts, processes, combining certain possibilities, given those general powerful machines, nowhere else available in this form. Imagine using just one row in sequencer, looping, no complicated arrangements there, instead all the variations should be generated by interesting programming by mentioned machines, which would do the variations by their programming, no need for variations in the sequencer.

How would be your musical workflow? Especially, for which tasks are you using which machines in which combination? If you want to share any templates or files, please only those which can be used in buze 0.8.9 as well, for example .bmx files, but no presets as .xml files which can not be used in buze 0.8.9 as far as I know.

This should be more a conceptual idea sharing thread, hopefully.

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Re: Your music making process (magic, accumulator, split, peer x, tune)

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Honoured to see three of my creations in the title and pleased to know they work in Buzé. I don't have much of a process but I often start with a chord progression in Magic, using a Peer Note event. Once I have something I like it's very easy to add variations and parameter tweaks to make it more interesting. Then I get stuck and can't think of anything to go with it, get distracted by something else and never finish the track. :lol:

btw. Magic can save/load its own presets (whole Page only at the moment) in xml format.

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