New Pattern Editor - Rows Per Beat

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Re: New Pattern Editor - Rows Per Beat

Post by AndersBrontosaurus »

that's the trick. Completely missed that command. I've wondered how to get this editor that I see on screenshots but assumed it was a newer version of Chahurs mod or a skin...


Sorry for hijacking the thread by the way. should have used another thread.

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Re: New Pattern Editor - Rows Per Beat

Post by etruscan »

I've only just discovered this (hitting ctrl + q to get the new pattern editor) and would love to use the tweakable rows per beat in conjunction with Pattern XP. But if I make a Pattern XP machine, go to the pattern view, and hit ctrl + q, I can't see the 'Columns...' button that lets me add columns for different machines; I just get a dummy column and can't add anything. Is Pattern XP not supported in the new pattern editor? Are they two incompatible entities?

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Re: New Pattern Editor - Rows Per Beat

Post by Klangkulisse »

I would liketo use the "Q-Pattern-Editor" too, but all my tracks so far are made in Pattern XP. Switching from an existing pattern made in PatternXP to "Q", no data will be ported, the pattern in Q-Mode is empty.
Do I have to do anything special or are both modes not compatible? :(

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