Bad metallic playback in Windows 7?

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Bad metallic playback in Windows 7?

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The resampler in Windows 7 64-bit is surprisingly poor compared to Windows 2000 (that I was running before.) Fortunately, Microsoft is aware of this problem and have already made a hotfix for this. They haven't fully tested this hotfix yet, which is why it's not yet available, but I've tried it already, and it works perfectly!

The problem: If you set the soundcard's internal rate to one samplerate, and play back a file in another samplerate in an app that uses WaveOut (which is quite common), you get weird metallic ringing artifacts that is quite audible in passages with not a lot of treble. It sounds horrible.

The solution: Request this hotfix. Microsoft will ask for your e-mail and you will receive a link to the file. This will probably also signal Microsoft that this fix is both needed and appreciated. Remember to choose the 64-bit version (the 32-bit version is selected by default.)

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Re: Bad metallic playback in Windows 7?

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Thank you! I am going to attempt this. I've also noticed that 'ringing' artifact in sound on occasion. Mostly with say electronic bass drums with not a lot of high end. I always seem to have to be bouncing around between 44.1k/48k in all sorts of different programs and including windows to try and get rid of this.

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