new pvst beta (updated 2-Jul-2020)

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Re: new pvst beta (updated 2-Jul-2020)

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Two issues:

1. When using Polac WDM Kernel Streaming, I'm unable to access all four input channels of my audio interface.

I can select 1+2 or 3+4 in the View > Preferences > Config, but obviously I can't use this to select all four channels at once. :(

2. Polac ASIO works as expected, but I'm getting some really nasty latency when controlling external hardware (about 7000 samples or so at 96k - this doesn't change at different buffer settings, but does change in response to changing the sample rate, so 192k is ~3500 samples of lag, 48k is 14000). Using external hardware to control VSTs is fine, it's only outbound where Polac ASIO seems to hitch up. This might be a recent PVST issue, because I've used Buzz to sequence external gear on projects in the recent-distant past (2018ish) and didn't notice any trouble then. Still on the same computer/OS/interface as then.

Also a question: I know external devices shift around because of the way Windows assigns USB device IDs, but is there some way to make Polac VST (used for controlling external gear) as "intelligent" as Polac MIDI In? Polac MIDI In does occasionally require re-selecting the MIDI device, but it's a simple matter. When Polac VST gets scrambled, however, I've found that selecting device "x" will really be device "y" (because "x" is just a label pointing to device ID "n", and now device ID "n" is device "y"). The only way to get everything lined up properly again is a rescan in Global 2, which for me takes about five minutes and can occasionally crash.

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