Oldschool rave tunes, post 'em here

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Oldschool rave tunes, post 'em here

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Who else likes this doofy stuff? I just upped my best attempt (certainly not my last though!) at early~mid '90s breakbeat rave music here:

Eddie at the Mental Institution
BMX version

It's supposed to sound cluttered and manic... There are some problems with the mixing (too many amped (>0 dB) machines, and some parts get a bit lost when everything is going at once) but it mostly sounds how I wanted it to in my head so I'm pretty happy. Always room for improvement though, so feel free to comment if you hear something glaringly wrong!

Anyone else made some ravey tracks? Share away! :mrgreen:

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Re: Oldschool rave tunes, post 'em here

Post by UNZ »


check out the "OLDSCHOOL WARRIORS" series (1,2,3, 4 coming soon)

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