A recognition request.

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A recognition request.

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Hi guys.
Sometimes I got those horrible moments when a melody coems to me and I have no instrument or nothing to save it - driving a car, talking to someone, shopping etc.
If I knew notes better I could try to catch it. Partially even - thats better than nothing. But I know notes in one way - wich is playing a tune from them only but not recording tune into them. And when I got to my keyboard idea gone with a wind... ): Hopefully sometimes it comes to me while I'm at my keyboard and if I am prepared - I mean have enough long and empty patter I can record it. A coupple weeks ago I got one. It comes to me from nowhere and while not me - but mu hands - was playing it my women asked to me - is is yours or Beethoven's? I cannot remember any possible source ot this but maybe I just heard it and has forgotten and thinking now that it is mine. So it is very hard to me develop this while I'm not sure if it is mine or not. Would you, guys, check for me do you recognise this theme? It is very short. Quality of samples is poor but it is about origin of tune thing...
Help me, I'm stuck...
There is a link to the tune:



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Re: A recognition request.

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Ennio Morricone

and / or


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