historic bmx

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historic bmx

Post by mantratronic »

Hi buzzers around the world,

I use buzz since a very long time now and I have dowloaded a lot of bmw/bmx from a lot of various buzzers.
Here you can download around 3000 files, some are just pure songs/tracks, some are demos/examples and some are remixes/collaborations/jams. There is here and there some extra files (it file, txt, doc, etc).
If you find one of your file and dont want it to be uploaded anymore, just tell me and I will remove it.
A lot of these files are anonymous, sorry.
Please feel free to download, remix, comment, etc...

It's here :

[edit: as requested and compiled by magmavander, not me]

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Re: historic bmx - Tips for newbies

Post by Buzztler »

First of all thanks to magmavander for opening his "Vault" of Buzz tracks, to the creators of the bmx/bmw and to Oskari for hosting it.

Well, I just want to give some - maybe - useful hints in case there are some newbies who want to listen to the tracks presented here. In most cases the modern and (newbie) Buzzer uses the latest Buzz beta 1495 at the moment and the latest machines versions.

Almost all the bmx/bmw load fine in the new Buzz, there are some which do not load or give error messages, for example when the outdated Rout VST-loader is used, or the wav-section is "corrupted" ... . These are some special cases and I do not want to explain how this can be fixed - other Buzers are free to do this (loading in an "old" Buzz may work). Let's concentrate on the other bmx/bmw-files ... .

In some cases when a track does not load correctly, it simply helps to load it again into Buzz.

Sometimes some tracks do not load properly if you use them in this special order. Simply try to load another track first and then load the track you want to hear after this one, this does the trick very often.

You load the bmx or bmw file into the new Buzz and start play and you hear only a lot of noise, in most cases the creator didn't want this ;), if you are hit by a very loud wall of white noise or something, rip of your headphones, or simply click on the icon that mutes buzz, or be careful from the start and always listen with a lower volume level.

Very often some noise is caused by the use of one plugin called "freeverb". If you look at the cpu monitor in such a case, you will notice that the freeverb consumes a lot of cpu-power, almost around 70 percent with ASIO depending on your hardware, this is the cause for the noise in your speakers or headphones, your pc simply cannot turn all information stored in the bmx/bmw into sound correctly.

To fix this quickly and to be able to listen to the track, make a backup of the bmx/bmw, or do not save the following action to disk, simply drop a HD Halyverb on all the freeverb machines and thereby replace them. In almost every case, you immediately can listen to the track, without the disturbing noises, o.k. the reverb is not as it was intended by the creator of the track but it is fine enough to decide if it is worth to "dig deeper" and replace the freeverb with all the parameters stored in it ... or to completely reactivate it in an old Buzz setup.

If your Buzz-setup misses a lot of effects which are stereo and you can't find them anywhere for download, than perhaps you should use Lee-Dragons Mono to Stereo Wrapper, a tool which converts older buzz effects programmed in mono to stereo machines. I think it is still available with instructions at the buzzmachines . com website.

Furthermore the NewBuzz beta 1495 is an "intelligent" program. Why? Let's see ... if you load a bmx/bmw everything seems to be fine. You start play and the track runs, but you do not hear any sound at all. Now, have a look at the "bottomline" of your buzzwindow. Down below the regular window (machineview etc) you may see a hint created by buzz that tells you that one of the machines used in the bmx/bmw you loaded, is not in the right folder ... you simply mixed up effects and generators. Correct it in your setup, restart Buzz and load the bmx/bmw, it may run fine now.

Hope my sort of hints are useful for one or another newbie ... and you have fun with the Jeskola-Buzz-Tracker ...

(... if you think the tips are not useful, tell someone else ... not me :lol: )

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Re: historic bmx

Post by bozz »

mantratronic wrote:I use buzz since a very long time now and I have dowloaded a lot of bmw/bmx from a lot of various buzzers.
Here you can download around 3000 files...
Downloaded: 2953 files, 1,3G in 1h 14m 25s (308 KB/s)

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wget -r -l10 --no-parent http://jeskola.net/buzz/songs/

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Re: historic bmx

Post by commadore65 »

Bit late to this party.. guess I need to show how stupid my tracks are. I'll be back but sober..xpect me

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