Idea: Haiku Music

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Idea: Haiku Music

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Okay, here's a funny idea that a friend of mine just came up with today: Compose some music that follows the rules of a haiku poem. I'll try to explain the "rules" of writing a haiku in a slightly more digestable fashion than the way it's put on wikipedia, so that it might become easier to see how this could be applied to music. I don't guarantee that it'll make sense though, but then again - I like things that don't make sense. :D

So the rules are:
  • You should present two themes/elements, and then distinctly cut between them.
  • A haiku consists of five, seven, five phrases (or beats?) in total, grouped like that: 5 ... 7 ... 5.
  • There must be some sort of reference to a season (this could be the weather or whatever).
As you can see, it's not quite easy to turn this concept into music, and there are a lot of ways to interpret this. I deliberately tried not dictating too much in the way I expressed things here. I'm horribly busy myself lately, so it might be quite some time before I get around to trying this out, and because it's quite likely that I totally forget, I really hope someone else will steal this idea and do something crazy!

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