New goa trance in buzz / native plugins

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New goa trance in buzz / native plugins

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Hiyaa, after a long dead season I got a track out. Produced and mastered in native buzz.

I recently opened the Synthez-vous account in SoundCloud (the older Some-E is there separately), as Synthez-vous tracks are more coherent in the sounds and style. Synthpop, symphonic, trance, maybe chill/ambient later.

Guru of course refers to Arguru machines. The original work was titled "Guruism", but I renamed it as "Finale". This session was supposed to begin finalising the 2007 started melodic trance track, but it went oriental :P I've sometimes wanted to make some simple and steady goa, and this counts as such. Thus the word "guru" was more than appropriate to include.

I began using that bass sound in trance because of the tips Gerry Cueto wrote on buzz forums... whee...

Some-E / FINland

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