Tracking bmw

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Tracking bmw

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Yes Buzz is a tracker.
I have made two little snippets that are tribute to our passion : tracking music :dance:

For the 1st one (Trackers you need to have PatternXP and PatternXP mod both installed , like explained by Chahur in his site :

Alternate : you can "download alternate" or "download alternate x64 version"and unzip it in "Gear\Generators". A new file "Jeskola Pattern XP mod.dll" is installed with the new Pattern XP named "Jeskola Pattern XP mod". The original Pattern XP still exists. To use the new one, you need to declare it in the file "Gear\gear.xml" (create the file if it doesn't exist):
<Machine Name="Jeskola Pattern XP mod" LoadAtStartup="True"/>

I have to rewrite it to a single PatternXP mod but this will be done later. The 2nd song was made using the single PatternXP.

Trackers Delight bmw : ... rs-delight

Trackers Delight mp3 : ... elight-mp3

Tracking do Bahia bmw : ... ia-snippet

Tracking do Bahia mp3 : ... g-do-bahia

Of course feel free to add/remix/rewrite/etc the songs ;)

PS : thanks to Chahur for his fantastic work on PatternXP!!

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