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Tracker Manifesto

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:12 pm
by magmavander
Another tracker's delight made in a few hours :mrgreen:
A pure bmw that I wanted to include in a sort of album called Tracker Manifesto with the previous bmw I made (I'm a tracker, Tracking do Bahia, Tracker's Delight).
Thanks Oskari for the best Tracker in the world!!!
As usual, feel free to remix, rewrite, destroy, rebuild, etc.



Re: Tracker Manifesto

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 3:54 pm
by magmavander
Another pure bmw :

Tracking the Chill - bmw

Tracking the Chill - mp3

Remixes are welcome ;)

Re: Tracker Manifesto

Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 4:17 pm
by Klangkulisse
I like it :dance: 8-) :dance:

Re: Tracker Manifesto

Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 10:16 am
by magmavander
Merci Klang ;)