An Heirloom (Indie Electronica)

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An Heirloom (Indie Electronica)

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This is a collaborative project called 'An Heirloom', released through Sun Sea Sky Productions. It's a 3 track EP.

For fans of: Dntel, Thom Yorke, early M83 and Postal Service.

Glitchy, indie electronica with dreamy vocals.
All of the beats and sequencing were done in Buzz (with buzz machines and VSTs). Buzz Machines used included: Unwieldy Tracker 2, Unwieldy Delay, Matilde Tracker 2, Funkyverb, Oppressor, Polac VST loader, rIDMa, Firesledge Param EQ...

Vocals and mixing/mastering were done in another DAW.

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