Remix my electronica idea (free bmx)

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Remix my electronica idea (free bmx)

Post by Joachip »

Okay, so I felt like repeating last night's remix offer, and this time I went frisky - using four matilde trackers! :o
Once again, everyone is welcome to do whatever they like with it.

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Re: Remix my electronica idea (free bmx)

Post by temporalsounds »

time time time , who has time :?: :)
I wake up in a new year today...omg..
I had a bit time to made this rmx, because I'm in a quarantine about 10 days :lol: (my daughter is positive tested, but she is doing very well fortunately ,no worry).
It was really hard to me did the right chords in this case, so critique is welcome seriously :!: hint me please ..
Maybe not finished completely ,still missing something here..
thanks Joachip for sharing bmx

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