song import broken?

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song import broken?

Post by KNAR »

when i try and import a song file into another, i get all the machines but none of the sequencing. if i create patterns for the imported machines they are then filled with the sequencing i had. i have set them all to the proper length and then put them all in order again. i seem to recall the import function doing all that for me. am i doing something wrong? has something changed?

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Re: song import broken?

Post by mik82 »

I've just tried it, and it doesn't work at all - ends with a crash

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Re: song import broken?

Post by IXix »

I'm fairly sure that the Import Song option never actually worked very well ever. If you want to get one song into another the best thing to do is to save it as a template. Templates work very well.

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Re: song import broken?

Post by AndersBrontosaurus »

Agree with IXix. Turn the song into a template and it will probably work.

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