A nice, small free sample Pack by TiNRS

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A nice, small free sample Pack by TiNRS

Post by Buzztler »

Hello everyone, I stumbled over a small sample Pack Release by "This is Not Rocket Science". CC license 4.0.
As you will remember our Buzzer friend "Zephod" the creator of BLOK 2015 for Buzz and Gold- and Platinumfish Synth is also involved in "TiNRS".
Well Zephod's stuff is also still available in their Website http:// www2. thisisnotrocketscience.nl/ software/blok-modular/ (without the blanks)
The sample Pack includes voice Samples by Priscilla Haring-Kuipers and is about 30 megs, releases to Help through Isolation time
http://www2.thisisnotrocketscience.nl/ our-free-vocal-pack-review-by-gearnews/
(without the blanks)
All in all the guys have a pretty cool website and I personally wish them all the best especially a good health these dass, I'm happy that they still love Jeskola Buzz ...
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Re: A nice, small free sample Pack by TiNRS

Post by HerrFornit »

ah thanx,
Funny, I download 3 days ago FatBob from this site (like it,too ;) ) missed the free sample pack.
Cool site, I agree
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