Buying new laptop

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Buying new laptop

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Hey guys, I'm buying a new mid- range laptop (PC). What are some things that I should look for to get the best performance for buzz. I don't have any interest in gaming. I do graphic esign and will install design programs.

I want to use buzz live with an m audio midi synth and using m audio fast track pro as an external soundcard. It probably needs to be reasonably durable as well.

Any tips on what is essential to look for?

I was using a HP Presario with 2 gig ram, 300 gig hsrd drive and 2.2ghz. I was running vista ultimate which was a pain in the but initially but after a bunch of updstes and tweaking worked fine.

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Re: Buying new laptop

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Vista? Run XP SP3. Your RAM should be enough if you don't do big orchestrals...
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Re: Buying new laptop

Post by strobotone »

When it comes to audio and midrange notebooks, look for core i7 CPU / Windows7, descent screensize and 8GB of RAM. (RAM is cheap so could also update later).
Since the integrated audio chipsets aren´t exactly state of the art you could also get a small USB audio interface.
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Re: Buying new laptop

Post by AdamMark »


That sounds exciting! Buying a new laptop can be a significant decision.

1. HP 15s, AMD Ryzen 5 5500U
2. HP 14s, 11th Gen Intel Core I3
3. HP 15s,11th Gen Intel Core I3
4. HP 15s AMD Ryzen 3
5. HP 14s, 5th Gen AMD Ryzen 3

I am also mentioned some Best HP Laptops with Affordable price. ... ees-india/

Check it out if interested, hope I could be of help.
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Re: Buying new laptop

Post by mridlen »

You want to look for good per-core performance primarily. So less cores that are more powerful instead of more cores that are less powerful.
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