Future Garage Shuffle

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Future Garage Shuffle

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I recently been getting into future garage stuff i.e. burial, boxcutter, cut netlabel

What are your unique tips for interesting shuffles/ looseness with beats in buzz?

So far I've been experimenting with :
odd delay times on particular hihat hits on unwieldy tracker,
taking a drum loop chopping it in half and pitching each half down a semitone then putting them back together in the original bpm.
Using interesting dealys on hats
Trying to find interesting timings using crumples and crackles within drum beats

I found this great post over at future garage forums
http://futuregarageforum.com/viewtopic. ... 8&start=60
but I'm interested in buzz specific ideas.

some one suggested on the future garage forums adding an arp to the hi hats how do you do this in buzz (with a sample) - Is there a way of doing this with peer chord?

What are your tips?

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