new pvst beta (updated 07-Jul-2022)

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Re: new pvst beta (updated 07-Jul-2022)

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Hey Frank, you out there? I've got a request. Can MIDI send please see MIDI-capable machines such as qsamo, IX Split, ScaleWalker? Maybe even just a "show all machines" option would do the trick?

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Re: new pvst beta (updated 07-Jul-2022)

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The global preset behavior is a bit strange at times. I like how it doesn't reset if you change a parameter as it makes it easier to overwrite the current preset after some tweaking, but I think it should always reset on song load. As it is one needs to trigger a unique preset followed by another one to get the initial preset to engage. If the song ran all the way through and a preset was triggered near the end and then the song was subsequently saved, you can get some rather jarring results upon opening that song again.

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