Machines compatible with pattern XP midi note and delay

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Machines compatible with pattern XP midi note and delay

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As you know, there are alternative methods for getting live midi data into buzz.
Some machines handle it themselves, some are willing to work within the systems given by buzz.

Qsamo is a stellar example of the latter. With the pattern XP parameters (blue font: midi note, delay etc) enabled in the pattern,
It becomes possible to 'record' midi performances that are very organic, with all the rhythmic subtleties of a live take.

This is one of the main reasons that Qsamo is a centerpiece of my workflow.

I was very excited to discover that Jacinth is also capable of taking recordings live, however I was disappointed to find,
that it handles the midi data internally, and does not accept midi note delay, and so effectively does not accept sub-tick timing.

I've just done a quick run through of my favorite machines, to check if any of them will accept the midi data recorded by buzz
in patternXP the way that Qsamo does, and found none.

Do any of you know of any other machines that play nicely with the pattern XP track parameters for mid? Or do you know of a
work around? I perhaps peer ctrl or ix split might be able to do this?


Since we're all friends here I wanted to say that the reason I've been absent is because I developed bone spurs in my hands.
These stopped me from playing much music for the last two years. I've worked hard at my other artistic disciplines, and got
some work as a professional painter doing album art. My hands are doing better now due to changes in my diet but I still have
pain. Hopefully I can have surgeries and stem cell therapies this year because I have a new job.

I've also gone back to school to study electronics. I've just completed an assembly program, and am now qualified to assemble
class 3 electronics for medical, aerospace and military applications. I'm learning electronics because I want to build and design
analog audio equipment. My new job is at a major government contractor building class 3(best) assemblies of many designs.

I mention this because I know there's some gear heads on here, so I wanted to offer my services for free to anyone who has
an item of audio electronics that they would like me to modify or repair. In the long term, I'm going to try to use my electronics
skills to develop new connections in the world of high end recording studios.

My abiities are currently focused on assembly to class 3 standards as per IPC-A-610/620 inspection criteria. I'm not very knowledgeable yet
as regards troubleshooting or design. My next course of study will teach me those skills.

So if you have a piece of equipment, and you want it repaired or upgraded for free, and you know what's wrong with it, but you're
scared to open it up, send it to me! I'm not yet very knowledgeable regarding troubleshooting but I know some folks who are, and
will happily give it a shot if you want to send me something that's broken and you don't know what the problem is.

You guys rule.

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